White House Launches Patient Freedom Initiative Flanked by Board Members of Docs4PatientCare Foundation and DPC Action


September 24, 2020

Dr. Lee Gross: ‘America First Healthcare Plan’ Restores Power to Doctors and Patients, Removes Bureaucrats from the Exam Room, and Cuts Out Middlemen

CHARLOTTE, NC — Today President Trump, surrounded on stage by six board members of the Docs4PatientCare Foundation and DPC Action as well as approximately 95 other physicians, unveiled his “America First Healthcare Plan,” renewing the White House’s commitment to “More Choice, Lower Cost, and Better Care” and identifying patient freedom as the top priority and best solution for the American health care system.

D4PCF Board President Dr. Lee Gross, founder of the groundbreaking Epiphany Health Direct Primary Care clinic in North Port, Florida, thanked the administration for heeding the advice of practicing physicians who for years have prescribed patient choice as the cure.

“Today, President Trump released his plan for health care,” Gross said. “This vision achieves the three pillars of higher quality, better access and lower cost. Only two of these can be achieved with a government-centered approach. This patient-centered free-market approach can achieve all three.

“The plan restores power to doctors and patients, removes bureaucrats from the exam room and gets middlemen out of the doctor-patient relationship,” Gross continued.

“We thank the administration for steps already taken and look forward to working with the president to see this vision become reality,” he concluded.

Standing behind Trump during the announcement was D4PCF Board Vice President Dr. Mike Koriwchak. Koriwchak says the White House’s proven commitment to price transparency is key to Trump’s plan to liberate patients from bondage to unfair prices and confusing policies.

“Patients have an advocate in the White House,” Koriwchak said. “Today’s announcement builds on the momentum of President Trump’s executive order on price transparency, an indispensable part of any free — and fair — market.”

“Patients have a right to know the price of treatment beforehand instead of surrendering their income and savings to the black hole of government-sponsored insurance,” Koriwchak continued.



Felicia Horton, Docs4PatientCare Foundation, toll-free 1-888-788-5515, felicia@hortonlogistics.com

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