How I Will Remember Herman Cain

Herman Cain was my friend.

Herman collected people. If you found your way into his world, you became part of his collection. There may be those who have had longer relationships with Herman, or more personal relationships or closer relationships, but if Herman took an interest in you, he made you feel as though you were as important to him as anyone else in his life.

My first encounter with Herman occurred in 2009 when he was a substitute radio host for Neal Boortz on his nationally syndicated radio show. Herman was especially interested in healthcare reform, with some crediting him with torpedoing Hillarycare during a scathing rebuke in a 1993 forum held by President Clinton. During the national Obamacare debate, Herman often devoted entire shows to this issue. As the founder of a national advocacy group, Docs 4 Patient Care, I found myself drawn into these on-air discussions. I became known to Herman as Dr. Hal, a name that stuck with me since that first phone call. I became a regular caller whenever he was on air and Herman often relied upon me for the kind of “inside baseball” information on healthcare issues, that a practicing physician with healthcare policy interests could provide.

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