How Direct Primary Care Empowers Patients and Lets Doctors Do Their Jobs

Hidden rates between insurance companies and hospitals keep patients in the dark, and a skewed “pay per procedure” system incentivizes unnecessary tests and treatments with costs that are passed down to patients.

These systemic issues are why I stopped using the traditional insurance-based family practice approach and invested $100,000 into researching and creating a more sustainable alternative. The result was Epiphany Health, a direct primary care practice, and better patient results for less money.

Direct primary care makes it easier to tailor treatments to each individual patient because the model incentivizes doctors to help patients prevent illness, rather than engage in costly and lengthy chronic disease management.

Doctors also have more freedom for telemedicine, home visits and other means of reaching patients in tough circumstances, such as overburdened single parents and seniors at risk for COVID-19. This provides better care for less money and fewer logistical hoops.

Under this model, doctors are rewarded for successful treatments, not just tests and procedures. This encourages doctors to follow through with ill patients until they fully recover, and discourages prescribing unnecessary treatments.

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