Direct Primary Care Conference 2018

Summary: This conference trains physicians to start or expand a direct primary care practice (DPC) that is based on the private patient to doctor relationship. Through recurring payments (monthly, quarterly, or annually), patients “contract” directly with their doctor for care for a low fixed fee.

By unshackling physicians from paperwork, bureaucracy, and reimbursements, DPC cuts out the middleman to free the doctor’s clinical judgment and create pricing all can afford.

DPC Series Launches – Physicians Foundation Leaders

Host Mike Koriwchak interviews key movement leaders and insights from the front lines of the practice model.

Will begin the series January 17th with interviews with board members of the Physicians Foundation to whom we are most grateful for their undying support for the past few years.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Full Day 1

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Announcements & Recap of Friday

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Case studies in DPC startups

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Marketing your practice

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DPC your way Take back control

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DPC 2018 Track2 A
Overcoming Logistical Challenges

Overcoming logistical challenges for the established practice with Drs. Jennifer Harader, Jack Forbush
• Discuss overcoming challenges
• Staying positive, keeping your eye on the prize

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DPC 2018 Track2 B
Empowering Specialists in DPC

Drs Ellen McKnight and Elaina George discuss the role for specialist in Direct Care and review steps that specialists can take today.

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DPC 2018 – Track 2 C
Corporate / Employed DPC

Drs Clint Flanagan, James Pinckney, & Hal Scherz explore alternate scaled DPC models and explore working with employers.

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