DPC: From the Signing Ceremony

It was my honor to be invited by The White House to Charlotte, NC yesterday, and to be seated directly behind President Trump as he laid out his vision for returning health care back to American patients.

I was flanked by some of my favorite physician leaders from around the nation for the remarks. Many more made the journey and were in the crowd.

The vision rests upon 3 pillars: Better care. More choices. Lower costs.

In the press release from The White House, number 2 on the list of ENSURING BETTER CARE is “improve access to direct primary care arrangements that cut out the middleman and cut red tape to enable patients to spend more time with their doctors.”

While I acknowledge that DPC is not THE solution that solves all the problems, it is one more choice for patients to access quality affordable medical care. It checks many boxes: personalized care, price transparency, improved access, eliminating middlemen, eliminating surprise bills, no exclusion for pre-existing conditions, emphasis on longitudinal care over episodic disease care, improved access to telehealth, more affordable medications through wholesale medications, rural health access, and so much more.

I immensely appreciate the support of this administration. We have been at this for more than a decade, with mostly a headwind. I appreciate the changing winds. I look forward to seeing how far we can go to ease barriers to Direct Primary Care for doctors and patients with fair winds and following seas.

I am extremely proud of the brave physicians all across the nation that have bravely leaped from the burning building into what appeared like certain demise, only to have been saved by the relationship with their patients.

Now battle-tested by a pandemic, Direct Primary Care has proved its survival power through personalization and flexibility to serve the needs of the community.

The future is bright for primary care. Thank you!!

Lee Gross, MD
Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation

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