Doctors Praise White House Rules on Price Transparency to Expand Patient Choice & Reduce Health Care Costs


November 15, 2019


Primary: Felicia Horton, Docs4PatientCare Foundation, 267-778-1170,

Secondary: Michael Hamilton, Good Comma Editing, 937-219-5366,


Two New Rules Empower Patients to Shop for Price & Quality in Health Care, as Insurers & Hospitals Disclose Negotiated Prices

Physician says ‘price transparency is the first and best form of accountability.’

[Washington, DC] [November 15, 2019] – Today the White House advanced two rules to illuminate health care prices currently hidden from patients by hospitals and insurers, drawing praise from physicians of the Docs4PatientCare Foundation (D4PCF), the only health care organization composed of practicing physicians with hands-on, practical knowledge of the American health care system.

Physicians applauded the finalization of a rule requiring hospitals to publish clear, readable prices for patient services—including “standard charges,” negotiated discounts for select payers, and discounts for cash patients.

“The rule enlists hospitals in helping patients understand the cost, quality, and value of the medical care they are purchasing,” stated Dr. Lee Gross, President of the Docs4PatientCare Foundation. “Only when patients understand what their dollars are buying them can they evaluate whether they’re making healthy purchases from quality providers.”

Hospitals must list prices of “300 common shoppable services” in a “consumer-friendly manner” once the rule takes effect in 2021, according to an email received by D4PCF from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on November 15.

“Finally, patients will be able to shop for health care the same way they shop for every other service and product bought and sold in the United States,” Gross said. “The ability of patients to compare prices across providers will drive quality of care higher and prices lower.”

A second rule would clarify for patients what portions of their medical bills they must pay, versus how much their health insurance plans cover. Using an online tool, insurers would have to give patients real-time estimates of their liability for covered services. Additionally, insurers would have to post online the prices they have negotiated for in-network and out-of-network providers if the proposed rule is finalized.

“Price transparency is the first and best form of accountability,” Gross said. “Health insurers have kept patients guessing for too long. It’s time for patients to understand what — if anything — their overpriced insurance plans are doing for them, and which providers their high premiums let them access.”

The rules are a crucial step in implementing President Trump’s Executive Order on Improving Price Quality and Transparency in American Healthcare. D4PCF physicians attended the signing of the executive order at the White House in June 2019 and were recognized for their expertise and leadership.


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Primary: Felicia Horton, Docs4PatientCare Foundation, 267-778-1170,

Secondary: Michael Hamilton, Good Comma Editing, 937-219-5366,

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  1. Great job, to the D4PC team for facilitating this rule. Patients need to be able to determine price and quality before they are treated or operated on.

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