Direct Primary Care Innovation

Like a GYM Membership to Your Doctor’s Office


Ending the Financial FEAR in Seeing a Doctor

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This is a path to UNLEASH innovation and unshackle American doctors. To get around the bureaucrats, their regulations, and patient financial fears in healthcare, over a thousand physicians have already opened Direct Primary Care Doctor’s offices across the United States.

Just like joining a GYM, you become a member of a Direct Primary Care type of Doctor’s Office and get all the primary care you need for about $50 a month. See your doctor as often as needed to get you well or manage your illness – no extra charge. It’s a membership with access to your doctor, often around the clock.

Got flu symptoms? Schedule an appointment within 24 hours. Need stitches? Get in the same day. Your kid’s got a 3 am fever? Text your doctor directly. Some doctors have even started doing house calls again!

~ All at NO EXTRA CHARGE – it’s all included in the membership.

There is no such thing as pre-existing conditions with a Direct Primary Care doctor’s office. Pay the same flat rate for everybody your age. Even special tests, treatments, and prescriptions are up to 90% off because you are paying your doctor to navigate the system and look out for you.

70-80% of all your health care needs can be managed and cured between you and your doctor. It’s great for people with chronic illness because you keep your doctor and over the years they get to know your health inside and out.

Stop using health insurance for primary care that still finds a way to make you pay for everything short of an accident or deadly disease. Combine health insurance with DPC and decrease your premiums by 30-60% while staying protected for surgeries and hospital care.

In Direct Primary Care, there are no insurance hassles. No middleman driving up costs. It’s just you and your doctor. No deductibles, no copays, and no surprise bills. Just ABUNDANT care at a fixed price.

Good for the Doctor

1. No insurance or bureaucrats to battle with

2. Cuts 40% of business expenses

  • No insurance paper pushers
  • No reimbursement battles
  • Cut costs to compete

Great for the Patient

1. As many appointments as needed to get you well

2. 70-80% of healthcare needs to be solved between a patient and their doctor

3. Right Financial Motivations for the Doctors

  • Get you well to reduce visits
  • Keep you happy to keep you enrolled
  • Cut costs to compete
4. No Insurance or Bureaucrats saying “No” to your doctor’s orders.

A Revelation for Employers

1. The Low Cost – High-Value Employee Perk

2. Small Business – Negotiate with a local doctor’s office to keep your people healthy with preventative care. 3. Self-insured Employers – Lower costs and deliver more care for your people (& maybe their families too!)

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