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"Every hospital has a private area where Doctors go to get a cup of coffee and get together to talk amongst themselves to discuss medical and health care matters... This show is a window into the private conversations doctors have that impact your world."

Health Sharing and the Politics of Health Care

Join Host Mike Koriwchak, M.D. in this week’s Doctor’s Lounge as we travel back to DPC 2018 and explore the best interviews recorded live at the annual conference.

This week Mike interviews Dale Bellis of Liberty HealthShare and Dr. Elaina George, author, speaker, columnist, podcaster, and board certified Otolaryngologist.

BBellisio: Dale Bellis is currently the Executive Director of Liberty HealthShare. He led the reorganization plan two years ago that launched Liberty HealthShare under the terms of the Affordable Care Act for healthcare sharing ministries. Liberty HealthShare dates its origins to the mid-1980s. Mr. Bellis began his work in healthcare as an Executive Administrator with the First cost-sharing group ever begun in modern times. When he started in 1988 there were 1000 families participating. When he left in 2001 there were 25,000 families sharing medical bills. He was instrumental in passing legislation in 11 states exempting cost sharing from insurance regulations.

George, M.D.Bio: Dr Elaina George is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist. Her interest in the politics of healthcare and the reform effort have led her to become both a powerful voice for the practicing physician, an advocate for the patient, and a healthcare policy analyst specializing in healthcare consumer driven solutions. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Biology.

She received her Masters degree in Medical Microbiology from Long Island University, and received her medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Dr George completed her residency at Manhattan, Eye Ear & Throat Hospital. Her training included general surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, pediatric ENT at The NY-Presbyterian Hospital, and head and neck oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

She has published in several scientific journals and presented her research at national meetings. As a solo practitioner in private practice who is also a small business owner, she has a unique perspective on the problems of health care delivery, the true costs of healthcare and viable solutions. Dr George is a recipient of the Patients’ Choice Award in 2008 and 2009. She was honored with membership in The Leading Physicians of the World and Who’s Who Top Doctors Honors Edition.

She is a member of the National Physicians Council on Healthcare Policy and is a contributor to a wide variety of websites including,, and Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog. Dr George has been a recurring guest discussing a wide range of medical topics from Your World with Neil Cavuto, Financial Survival Network With Kerry Lutz and Newsmax, to appearances on Frances & Friends to discuss the consequences of healthcare reform with a world wide audience of over 500 million people. She has also been a medical expert on a range of shows including The Bill Cunningham Show, Lions of Liberty, The Barry Farber Show, and The Kev Baker Show. Dr George hosts her own show, Medicine On Call, a weekly talk show that explores health issues and the politics of medicine on Americas Web Radio and Liberty Radio. She is the author of Big Medicine: The cost of Corporate Control And How Doctors And Patients Working Together Can Rebuild A Better System – A book which explores how the US healthcare system has evolved and explains how patients and doctors can create a healthcare system that is based on the principles of price transparency with the power of the doctor patient relationship.


Combating the CON 2019

Certificate of Need Laws STILL Restricting Expansion of Access to Care

CON (Certificate of Need) laws still are enforced in states across the land.  Dr. Hal Scherz caused a stir with his commentary in the Georgia Health News as he exposed the folly of requiring a state certificate to build new health care facilities.

The CON is on and Dr. Scherz explores the problem on our next Doctor’s Lounge Radio Show.

Read his Commentary –
In his recent State of the Union address, President Trump pointed out that although progress is being made on a variety of health care issues, health care costs are just too expensive for the average American.

One reason is this: Hospitals are the most expensive delivery point in the health care system, and ironically, an increasing amount of medical care is being directed there. Complicating this issue is that no one can be sure how much a hospital will charge.

Two patients can receive identical services and leave the hospital with vastly different bills. Furthermore, because of bizarre payments by insurance companies, care in the hospital can cost five to 10 times more than care by the same doctor in an outpatient setting not owned by the hospital.

Due to high deductibles and co-pays, patients now…

Read the commentary in Georgia Health News HERE


Blockchain, Resurrection, and DPC

Host Michael Koriwchak, M.D. continues his series recorded live at Direct Primary Care 2018 in Orlando, FL.
Interview highlights this episode include

  • Leah Houston, M.D. of – live stream sponsor of the conference.
  • We’ll hear the testimony of physicians who revived their will to practice medicine through DPC.
  • Listen in as D4PC Foundation President Lee Gross reflects on the event first hand.

Measles Epidemic in USA

Trends Behind the Cause Explored

Step into the Doctor’s Lounge with Dr. Chip Harbaugh, the founder of Kids Health First, the largest Independent Physician Association in Atlanta with over 220 physicians.

Dr. Chip Harbaugh will discuss the measles epidemic in the USA and the trend to avoid childhood vaccinations.

Dr. Harbaugh brings a lifetime of front lines experience in pediatric care in everything from medical missions to pivotal rolls in the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Bio: (read full CV here)Dr.  Chip Harbaugh grew up in Atlanta in the Druid Hills area.He and his wife, Dana, live in the Johns Creek area and enjoy spending time with their five children and four dogs.

Dr. Harbaugh enjoys engaging patients to help the parents in the early years understand the joys as well as the concerns of parenthood. He likes teaching about development as well as disease process so the parents can fully understand their child. As children grow from infants, to toddlers and then Middle School and even High School, they will need a guiding hand in both educational and social issues. Our job as pediatricians is to make sure that each child achieves to be the best person they can be as an adult. Children are the future of our families and our society.

Recently, he served as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Kids Health First Pediatric Alliance. It is a metropolitan Atlanta Independent Physician Association (IPA), which is physician-owned and driven by 37 private pediatric practices and 210 pediatricians covering 750,000 patients. Dr. Harbaugh founded the organization in 1996 and has served as its leader until recently.

With a special interest in medical quality improvement and advocating for patients, physicians and dentists, Dr. Harbaugh has held numerous other positions outside of his clinical practice. He has served on the American Academy of Pediatrics’ COPAM (Committee on Practice and Ambulatory Medicine) and was recently appointed to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ National Conference and Exhibition Planning Committee Group.  He was also elected to the Executive Committee of the Section on Administration, Practice Management for the national AAP and serves on the organization’s Steering Committee on Quality Improvement, Child Healthcare Financing Committee and Accountable Care Organization Committee.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – appointed Dr. Harbaugh to their Clinical Laboratory Improvement Advisory Committee (CLIAC) in 2007 to help with the interface of public healthcare and the physician and dental community. In addition, Dr. Harbaugh represents the American Academy of Pediatrics on United Healthcare’s Physician Advisory Board with the goal of bridging the gap between physicians and payors to improve quality while decreasing healthcare costs.


Launch Replay: Physicians Foundation Leaders

Again by popular demand:  The Doctor’s Lounge is pleased to announce it’s late winter/spring series of shows highlighting our speakers and attendees at our DPC 3.0 meeting held in Orlando last fall.

Recorded live at our 2018 Direct Primary Care Conference, Host Mike Koriwchak interviews key movement leaders and insights from the front lines of the practice model.

Will begin the series January 17th with interviews with board members of the Physicians Foundation to whom we are most grateful for their undying support for the past few years.


Best of: Single Payer Problems

Best of: Single Payer Problems

Single Payer health care, one of the motives behind ObamaCare according to it’s architects, has created a sea of problems across the world.

Even the world’s showcase single payer health care system known as the NHS in England has been plagued with headlines highlighting frightening wait times, hospital hallways full of ailing patients, and horrible deaths from medicine by bureaucrat.


DPC Series Launches – Physicians Foundation Leaders

The Doctor’s Lounge is pleased to announce it late winter/spring series of shows highlighting our speakers and attendees at our DPC 3.0 meeting held in Orlando last fall.
Recorded live at our 2018 Direct Primary Care Conference, Host Mike Koriwchak interviews key movement leaders and insights from the front lines of the practice model.

Will begin the series January 17th with interviews with board members of the Physicians Foundation to whom we are most grateful for their undying support for the past few years.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Doctor’s Lounge with Physicians Foundation

Host Michael Koriwchak, M.D. recorded a multitude of interviews with the thought leaders in Direct Primary Care and health policy at the 2018 DPC Conference.

This new series will bring the best insights from the conference in candid interviews conducted by participants after stepping from the main stage.

Physicians FoundationOur premiere episode features the primary funding organization fueling the success of our national conference, the Physicians Foundation. Listen in as Dr. Koriwchak interviews key leaders about the foundation and their support of DPC.


Best of: Importance of Specialty Care

A DPC Style Disruption

Long thought to be the Achilles Heel of Direct Primary Care, extended specialty care is being addressed.

HIPnation out of Atlanta is a Direct Primary Care practice of physicians which ALSO offer specialty services.

Brian Hill, M.D., one of the founders of HIPnationsteps into the Doctor’s Lounge to explain the importance of specialty care and the disruption to the typical insurance model that happens when combined with Direct Primary Care.


Best Of: Jam Packed News Hour

Sneak Peek DPC Conference, DC Trip, & The Tech Revolution Continues

Host Mike Koriwchak is preparing an hour of rapid fire news that will impact health care nationwide.

First, a sneak preview of the next DPC conference in Orlando, FL.

Second, a field report on the recent trip to brief policy makers in Washington, DC by Mike and fellow co-host Hal Scherz, M.D.

Third, the innovations in tech continue to impact the future.  Mike reviews the new Apple Watch with its FDA approval for a heart rhythm strip.


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