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Real doctors from the front lines of medicine engage the man-made crisis in American Healthcare. Hal Scherz, MD FACS (Pediatric Urologist) and Michael J. Koriwchak, MD, Otolaryngologist (Head and Neck Surgery) airs The Doctor's Lounge on America's Web Radio on Thursdays at 8:00 am Eastern.

"Every hospital has a private area where Doctors go to get a cup of coffee and get together to talk amongst themselves to discuss medical and health care matters... This show is a window into the private conversations doctors have that impact your world."

GA is Ground Zero for American Healthcare

This is perhaps America’s greatest healthcare pivot point in history, of equal if not greater consequence that the passage of the ACA (Obamacare).

BOTH hosts of Drs Lounge, Hal Scherz, M.D. and Scott Barbour, M.D. are on deck to discuss how what happens in Georgia will determine the future of healthcare for all America.


Biden’s Impact on Health Care

joe biden speaking in front of american flag

We are a mere two months from a presidential election.

Dr. Scherz will look into the past policies of candidate Biden to determine the impact of a Biden Presidency on American health care.

With a long history of centralizing health care in Washington, DC, Biden has surrounded himself with voices pushing for greater control than the PPACA instituted.


Raising Cain – A Tribute – Herman Cain in Memoriam

A Giant has passed.

Herman Cain was a long time champion of the doctor-patient relationship, fighting alongside the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation for years.

Host Dr. Hal Scherz, a long time personal friend of Cain, will unpack the impact of the man in his battle (public and private) to deliver health care to America and protect the greatest health care system on earth.

Expect multiple guests and some of the best sound bites from Cain himself during his many times speaking at D4PCF events.


The Front Lines Get Messy

There has been a rumbling under the surface for months as physicians quietly questioned the approach to managing the COVID-19 infection.

Beyond the staggering retraction of policymaking studies in Lancet & NEJM. Beyond the incoherent and inconsistent application of mitigation measures by politicians. Beyond pharmacies overriding physician clinical judgment. Things are coming to a head.

Host Dr. Scott Barbour will speak about America’s Frontline Doctors’ experience in DC. Not just the pressers and attacks, but what happened behind the scenes.


Hoaxes Abound

Mis-information and mistakes in the middle of a crisis are to be expected. In the military, it’s commonly known as the “fog of war”. Great leaders make the tough calls and navigate through this fog to victory. For this pandemic, it has been something more. What happens when your own people exaggerate circumstances and repeatedly provide fraudulent data?

Host Dr. Scott Barbour examines the hoaxes surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic.


Impact of “Medicare for All” on Doctors

Unique Insight from Bob Moffit

Robert Moffit, Ph.DLong time friend of D4PCF Bob Moffit has an interesting take on “Medicare for All” grounded in the law of unintended consequences.  Government health care take over will worsen the doctor shortage.

Host Hal Scherz, M.D. invites Robert Moffit, Ph.D of the Heritage Foundation into the Doctor’s Lounge to discuss the opinion piece, the thought leaders in the Democrat party’s embrace of socialism, and what the ideas will mean for the delivery of doctor care to patients.

From Moffit’s editorial – How “Medicare for All” Bills Would Worsen the Doctor Shortage appearing in newspapers nationwide this week….

“Medicare for All” may sound good to some Americans – until they take a closer look at how it would actually work.

Take something pretty basic: how it would affect the number of medical professionals we have in this country. “Medicare for All” would drive out many doctors and nurses – and compromise the accessibility and quality of medical care for millions of Americans.

The reason: “Medicare for All” bills mandate major payment reductions for America’s health care workforce. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ bill, for example, would use today’s Medicare payment system for reimbursing doctors, hospitals and other medical professionals. Medicare rates are fixed by law and regulation, not some private market-style “negotiation.” Those rates are set significantly below private sector rates, and often…


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