White House Launches Patient Freedom Initiative Flanked by Board Members of Docs4PatientCare Foundation and DPC Action


September 24, 2020

Dr. Lee Gross: ‘America First Healthcare Plan’ Restores Power to Doctors and Patients, Removes Bureaucrats from the Exam Room, and Cuts Out Middlemen

CHARLOTTE, NC — Today President Trump, surrounded on stage by six board members of the Docs4PatientCare Foundation and DPC Action as well as approximately 95 other physicians, unveiled his “America First Healthcare Plan,” renewing the White House’s commitment to “More Choice, Lower Cost, and Better Care” and identifying patient freedom as the top priority and best solution for the American health care system.

D4PCF Board President Dr. Lee Gross, founder of the groundbreaking Epiphany Health Direct Primary Care clinic in North Port, Florida, thanked the administration for heeding the advice of practicing physicians who for years have prescribed patient choice as the cure.

“Today, President Trump released his plan for health care,” Gross said. “This vision achieves the three pillars of higher quality, better access and lower cost. Only two of these can be achieved with a government-centered approach. This patient-centered free-market approach can achieve all three.

“The plan restores power to doctors and patients, removes bureaucrats from the exam room and gets middlemen out of the doctor-patient relationship,” Gross continued.

“We thank the administration for steps already taken and look forward to working with the president to see this vision become reality,” he concluded.

Standing behind Trump during the announcement was D4PCF Board Vice President Dr. Mike Koriwchak. Koriwchak says the White House’s proven commitment to price transparency is key to Trump’s plan to liberate patients from bondage to unfair prices and confusing policies.

“Patients have an advocate in the White House,” Koriwchak said. “Today’s announcement builds on the momentum of President Trump’s executive order on price transparency, an indispensable part of any free — and fair — market.”

“Patients have a right to know the price of treatment beforehand instead of surrendering their income and savings to the black hole of government-sponsored insurance,” Koriwchak continued.



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What Divides Us: Direct Primary Care with Dr. Lee Gross

Is the health care industry too under the thumb of the government to repair through the power of markets? Not according to Dr. Lee Gross, President of the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation and Owner of Epiphany Health in Florida. He says he adopted a “Direct Primary Care” model at Epiphany a decade ago, and now he’s marketing the money-saving, care improving model that empowers patients while allowing doctors to do their jobs better in a more relaxed atmosphere. It works by creating patient-focused incentives instead of following ones controlled by insurance companies. Gross is our guest on this week’s What Divides Us.

Listen to the podcast here.


Biden’s Impact on Health Care

joe biden speaking in front of american flag

We are a mere two months from a presidential election.

Dr. Scherz will look into the past policies of candidate Biden to determine the impact of a Biden Presidency on American health care.

With a long history of centralizing health care in Washington, DC, Biden has surrounded himself with voices pushing for greater control than the PPACA instituted.


Raising Cain – A Tribute – Herman Cain in Memoriam

A Giant has passed.

Herman Cain was a long time champion of the doctor-patient relationship, fighting alongside the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation for years.

Host Dr. Hal Scherz, a long time personal friend of Cain, will unpack the impact of the man in his battle (public and private) to deliver health care to America and protect the greatest health care system on earth.

Expect multiple guests and some of the best sound bites from Cain himself during his many times speaking at D4PCF events.


The Front Lines Get Messy

There has been a rumbling under the surface for months as physicians quietly questioned the approach to managing the COVID-19 infection.

Beyond the staggering retraction of policymaking studies in Lancet & NEJM. Beyond the incoherent and inconsistent application of mitigation measures by politicians. Beyond pharmacies overriding physician clinical judgment. Things are coming to a head.

Host Dr. Scott Barbour will speak about America’s Frontline Doctors’ experience in DC. Not just the pressers and attacks, but what happened behind the scenes.


How I Will Remember Herman Cain

Herman Cain was my friend.

Herman collected people. If you found your way into his world, you became part of his collection. There may be those who have had longer relationships with Herman, or more personal relationships or closer relationships, but if Herman took an interest in you, he made you feel as though you were as important to him as anyone else in his life.

My first encounter with Herman occurred in 2009 when he was a substitute radio host for Neal Boortz on his nationally syndicated radio show. Herman was especially interested in healthcare reform, with some crediting him with torpedoing Hillarycare during a scathing rebuke in a 1993 forum held by President Clinton. During the national Obamacare debate, Herman often devoted entire shows to this issue. As the founder of a national advocacy group, Docs 4 Patient Care, I found myself drawn into these on-air discussions. I became known to Herman as Dr. Hal, a name that stuck with me since that first phone call. I became a regular caller whenever he was on air and Herman often relied upon me for the kind of “inside baseball” information on healthcare issues, that a practicing physician with healthcare policy interests could provide.

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Hoaxes Abound

Mis-information and mistakes in the middle of a crisis are to be expected. In the military, it’s commonly known as the “fog of war”. Great leaders make the tough calls and navigate through this fog to victory. For this pandemic, it has been something more. What happens when your own people exaggerate circumstances and repeatedly provide fraudulent data?

Host Dr. Scott Barbour examines the hoaxes surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic.


How Direct Primary Care Empowers Patients and Lets Doctors Do Their Jobs

Hidden rates between insurance companies and hospitals keep patients in the dark, and a skewed “pay per procedure” system incentivizes unnecessary tests and treatments with costs that are passed down to patients.

These systemic issues are why I stopped using the traditional insurance-based family practice approach and invested $100,000 into researching and creating a more sustainable alternative. The result was Epiphany Health, a direct primary care practice, and better patient results for less money.

Direct primary care makes it easier to tailor treatments to each individual patient because the model incentivizes doctors to help patients prevent illness, rather than engage in costly and lengthy chronic disease management.

Doctors also have more freedom for telemedicine, home visits and other means of reaching patients in tough circumstances, such as overburdened single parents and seniors at risk for COVID-19. This provides better care for less money and fewer logistical hoops.

Under this model, doctors are rewarded for successful treatments, not just tests and procedures. This encourages doctors to follow through with ill patients until they fully recover, and discourages prescribing unnecessary treatments.

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