Best of: Driving Docs Out of Medicine

Regulations Killing Doctors

As Forbes reported more than a year ago:

“In a recent survey, nine out of ten physicians were unwilling to recommend healthcare as a profession. In 2014, the American Medical Association found that 47% of practicing physicians reported high emotional exhaustion, 35% saw less value in their work and 41% were satisfied (not happy, but satisfied) with their work-life balance. The survey went on to identify the three problem areas:

  •  Loss of autonomy (75% now are in hospital-owned practices)
  •  Mental exhaustion (listing heavy workloads and increased clerical work, due to cumbersome electronic medical records)
  •  Asymmetrical rewards (success is expected, but mistakes come with heavy punishments)

And then there is the stress…”

Host Hal Scherz explores the way regulations are creating an environment driving physicians out of health care.

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